LateNightTales: Metronomy CD + Hypnose Cover ‘Pet Video’

LateNightTales is my favourite music compilation. The whole idea is get an artist/group to pick tracks that inspired them or are stuff they like to listen too, every cd has an obligatory cover song exclusive to the cd as well at the end of every cd an audio track written by and narrarated by a variety of journalists/critics/actors/presenters. Its a great source of getting to hear music that you usually arent exposed too and never would have heard and I also like the description that comes with why every particular track has been chosen by the compiler.

Check out the contributers to the series here:

Utter standouts are for me Air, Cinematic Orchestra, Trentemoller and Midlake.

The current release from the series is by Metronomy who has chosen to cover Jean-Michel-Jarre ‘Hypnotise’, a video has been recorded for the release with the stars being a number of pets.


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