Anyone who owns a cat knows that they do just what they please. This is certainly the case of my moggy, no amount of ordering and yes pleading will make my life easier when it comes from disuading her from certain actions, my brand new sofa for instance now looks like a scratching post, my bed is now her bed, my food her food and so on. But, it would be terribly hard for me to imagine a life without my little feline companion or infact a friend who has not been charged by her, unintentionally scratched and intentionally bitten.

My family have always had animals, and when i got my house it wasnt that much of a surprise that 6months later, after seeing a advert for ‘baby tigers’ that i was taking one of my own home. I named her Elle meaning ‘She’ I’ve always liked the name and so noteably named this little being so. I care about her too much and couldnt imagine a scenario where she would have to go, too many people disregard things because it doesnt fit or because it involves making an effort – my hope is the next wont be the case.


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